• Joshua Blaylock


Like a single day

A momentary experience

A second

Then it’s gone

The memory is cherished

The thought held close

For a moment

Then it’s lost

Life begins

Life ends

in a moment

In the blink of an eye, you’re conceived, then forgotten

Beauty is not skin deep

It could never make it that far

It died before you could see it

Your eyes were closed

Funny how life does these things

You missed the rise and fall

of a million empires just now


You blinked

In the time it takes for the spark

To travel through your retinas

Into your nerves

Through the long circuit of wires

And, finally, to your brain

It’s over

And, in the time it takes for your brain

To translate what it has just been told

And be ready for a new signal

Another world is created

You never knew the difference

But you could feel it

You could feel the world crash and burn

And then, in the same instance

Rise to a glorified being

You feel the constant pull

The overwhelming controversy

The magnificent battle

between creation and destruction

But, for now

You choose to ignore it

To live your life

Like YOU are the center of the universe

You are gravity



The parent of the god-child,


The world revolves around you alone

Besides, how do you know

that everyone else even exists?

You can’t see through their eyes

You don’t feel their fingers

You can’t even see anything

outside of your miniscule radius

How do you know

that anything else exists?


Just perhaps

Everything else is just waiting

for you to move

As you come into contact with the world

It creates itself

merely to maintain the illusion

that you are real.

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